Goal #4

“to demonstrate the action’s effectiveness within a context determined by consumer demand”

Action and means: The feasibility of the project will be demonstrated in “St James’ Way” (The Road to Santiago), where it is highly probable that the aim of the project will be welcomed, as there is a massive influx of eco-tourists traveling by foot therefore consuming a considerable amount of water.

Result: Provide drinking water to one of the roads to Santiago called the “English Way“,  which begins in A Coruña and Ferrol and has a total length of 155.2 km (out of the total 1,053 km that make up the Galician stretches), where more than 12,000 pilgrims travelled last year. So, we will act in a maximum of 27 supply points, so as to ensure the existence of a fountain with health guarantees every (1) 5,57 km.

(1) This length corresponds to the league measurement in Spain, which is defined as the distance a person can walk for an hour.