Infographic with the result proposed in goal 4

The main objective of the project is to develop a strategy in accordance with the 98/83/EC Directive, to recover traditional public fountains as a micro-supply solution in areas where centralized water consumption networks have no reach

At present, it is not possible to offer a water supply system that meets health requirements in most European paths, natural and cultural routes, including the Road to Santiago.

The success of this challenge will depend on the coordinated achievement of five (5) goals:

Goal #1: “to determine an action protocol which can be extrapolated to any environment and situation facing current consumer health risks in natural springs.”

Goal #2: “to design a low cost treatment system prototype, unprecedented in these types of supplies”

Goal #3: “to achieve service sustainability by introducing a new approach that shifts cost recovery to the user

Goal #4: “to demonstrate the action’s effectiveness within a context determined by consumer demand

Goal #5: “to provide tools that encourage replication of this initiative in other municipalities”

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