On May 23, 2017, the European Commission co-financing for the candidature “Creating a new concept of natural drinking fountains and demonstration its viability along St. James´ Way LIFE16 ENV / ES / 000533 WATER WAY” (hereinafter LWW) was approved. ), which will be executed in the form of a collaborative project by the following entities:

CITY COUNCIL OF ABEGONDO is the local administration responsible for guaranteeing the healthiness of the waters for human consumption in its municipal area of 5,586 inhabitants and 84 km2, crossed twiced by the English Way .
Abegondo is the main promoter of the initiative and will coordinate the project through its Life Office. In addition, it will make the diagnosis of the sources and design the pilot network. The commitment of this entity to improve water services, its interest in disseminating and achieving a sustainable use of natural resources and its proven experience in the management of European projects will be fundamental for the achievement of the defined objectives and for the replication of the experience in other municipalities and territories.

CONSELLERÍA DE SANIDADE: department of the regional government (Xunta de Galicia) that develops the strategies and actions necessary to guarantee and improve public health, with competencies in the health of water for human consumption.
This entity will be in charge of carrying out pertinent analyzes to diagnose the state of the waters of the existing springs and sources and, subsequently, determine the necessary controls to ensure the healthiness of the waters supplied in the pilot network.

AUGAS DE GALICIA: entity belonging to the Consellería de Medio Ambiente e Ordenación do territorio (Xunta de Galicia) , is responsible for the planning and management of water in the autonomous region of Galicia (rules of use, authorizations for use, etc.), marking the bases for an efficient use of water supply, sanitation and purification services.
This body will be in charge of solving the problems of the catchments, adapting and improving the conditions of the springs and creating new intakes where the use is not feasible. It will also identify the source pollution protection zones and will adapt the environment of the same, creating rest areas for users.

DEPUTACIÓN DA CORUÑA: public institution that provides technical, economic and technological support to the 93 councils of the province of A Coruña, with powers in tourism supply and promotion.
The Department of Economic Promotion, Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Deputación provincial da Coruña will be in charge of executing the civil works project of the pilot network of sources and of the work of promoting and disseminating the results.

ASOCIACIÓN DE DESENVOLVEMENTO RURAL MARIÑAS-BETANZOS: non-profit entity, made up of 123 entities of economic, social, cultural, neighborhood, environmental and professional type, which works to enhance the value of its territory and local sustainable development, especially environmental and cultural. It is the managing entity of the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO in 2013, and of the 2014-2020 Leader Program in its territorial area.
This association will serve to disseminate the solutions and results obtained during the project at the local, regional, national and international levels, and may reach the 669 Biosphere Reserves existing in the world, in addition to other protected natural spaces and rural areas integrated within Local Action Groups from all over Europe. Its technical team will also develop the water quality brand offered by the service, define a subsidy line to support this type of facility, prepare a guide to good practices and design the dissemination material for the project.

ITG: established in February 1991 as a non-profit foundation by the Official Colleges of Architects; Civil, Canal and Port Engineers and Industrial Engineers of Galicia, and declared of Galician interest by the Xunta de Galicia. In addition to the three founding members, the Official College of Mining Engineers of Northwest Spain, the Official College of Naval and Oceanic Engineers of Galicia, the College of Agricultural Engineers of Galicia, the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Galicia, the Vicerrectorados of Investigation of the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, and the Xunta de Galicia.
This foundation will design and put into operation the low-cost pilot system that ensures the quality and availability of drinking water. The facilities it owns and its recognized work ensure that the developed prototype can be replicated and produced without complications to facilitate its production and marketing.

Director of the Life Office of the Abegondo Council
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